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Pharmaceutical Technical Study | Tyvek® Cargo Covers

Tyvek® Cargo Covers Pharmaceutical Technical Study

Controlled Room Temperature (CRT) Product Protection

Evaluate the performance of Tyvek® Cargo Cover to protect simulated Controlled Room Temperature pharmaceutical product through a simulated route in which the product is exposed to solar radiation and both hot and cold ambient extremes.


• Test sample – Euro sized pallet protected with a low emissivity Tyvek® Cargo Cover
• Control sample – Euro sized pallet with no protection, current case
• Pallet configuration – 18 boxes (15” x 15” x 15”) stacked 3W x 2D x 3H
• Low-to-medium thermal mass (110 liters water, liqui-packs). Simulated product – saline-filled vials.
• Temperature probes inserted into vials. 
• 7 data loggers (21 temperature probes) were installed per pallet at typical excursion spots.


Route Profile - Simulated actual pharmaceutical route, leaving northern hemisphere in summer with solar radiation and hot ambient extreme exposure, landing in southern hemisphere in winter with cold ambient extreme exposure.


Test Data: Product Temperature (Top)


Starting & Ending Product Temperature (Top) - Excursions shown in red text.


Test Data:

• Please see test data graph above


• Zero temperature excursions with Tyvek® vs Two excursions for Control sample
• 10°C (18°F) reduction in peak temperatures on tarmac in summer conditions vs control
• 6°C (11°F) improvement in peak temperatures on tarmac in winter conditions vs control
• Tyvek® Cargo Cover moderates rate of heating and cooling of product vs control

Benefits Demonstrated:

• No excursions despite 3 hour exposures to solar radiation + hot and cold ambient extremes
• Tyvek® Cargo Cover prevented the product from freezing (while control did not)

Tyvek® Cargo Covers provide excellent “all-in-one” protection from solar radiation AND ambient extremes (hot and cold),  helping you conserve your stability budget.

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To maintain efficacy, DuPont™ Tyvek® Cargo Covers must be stored in the original package under dry, normal temperature conditions. DuPont™ Tyvek® Cargo Covers have been designed for one-time or limited use in line with sanitary regulations and pest management best practices. Sufficient pre-cooling and correct temperature management from start of the cool chain is essential for optimal performance. DuPont is not liable for product damage during the use of the cover.

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